Web applications

Is there something that you currently struggle to manage with a shared spreadsheet, paper-based diaries or the wonderful Post It™ note?

Perhaps the use of rooms or resources, or the availability of your staff? Could this be better managed with a web based application enabling controlled access of centralised data from any location with internet access and immediate visibility of updated information?

These are just some of the advantages of web applications:

  • high availability
  • multiple-user access
  • per-user security levels (e.g. administrators, staff, end users)
  • browser and operating system independence (not just for Windows)

This is another area in which Goznet Systems has experience, and web applications developed can either operate as stand-alone websites or be integrated into other sites.

A recent example was providing an entertainments agency with an on-line calendar for managing booking of their acts. A modest up front investment meant that they are already saving time and money, and avoiding confusion and double-bookings. A charitable organisation uses a structured file-sharing system to enable them to distribute and receive documents and information to and from their global partners, applying flexible and powerful access privileges to different categories of user. Another client simply has an on-line database of his extensive DVD collection, with a publicly browsable view – web applications really can be as sophisticated or simple as they need to be!

If any of this sounds like something your organisation might benefit from, let's talk.

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