About Goznet Systems

Goznet Systems is the trading name of David Gosnell, an experienced web and application developer, based in Farnham, Surrey, UK. David started the business in 2006, coming from a background of over ten years developing commercial software and websites, working for and on behalf of companies of various sizes and in many different business sectors.


Over many years of producing websites there have been various technologies available. HTML is still the basic currency of the web, but the technology Goznet Systems has settled on to make that HTML dynamic and interactive is PHP. This is available for use on almost all web servers – even "free" web space with broadband and dial-up access. Until anything better and more widely adopted comes along, sites will normally be developed using PHP and will assume PHP 4 or 5 to be present on the target webserver. The latest version of Goznet Systems's Kourou content management platform is based upon PHP 5.

Additionally, web pages produced by Goznet Systems aim to:

  • work well on as many different brands of web browser as reasonably possible, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • be accessible to disabled visitors, in line with incoming UK legislation
  • strictly adhere to relevant global web standards defined by the W3C

These aims help to ensure that your website will reach the maximum number of visitors, provide a trouble-free and rewarding experience to those visitors, and assist in your compliance with legislation.

Business principles

Having witnessed the good, bad and decidedly ugly over the years, David has strong principles that he applies to all that Goznet Systems offers to you as a potential customer:

  • Promises must be realistic and deliverable upon
  • Pricing will be fair, competitive and transparent
  • Product quality and honesty in dealing come foremost

If you want a website tomorrow, and really don't care what it's like, perhaps Goznet Systems wasn't the right place to come. But it's David's firm belief that applying the above principles to the design and development of your website will ensure an end-product to be proud of.

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