Website makeovers

Many businesses and organisations have websites that they are broadly content with from a visual design point of view but that are perhaps difficult to maintain, have deficiencies when it comes to searchability or accessibility, need new functionality added, or could just do with a bit of freshening up.

Goznet Systems can offer such website makeovers as a service, doing as much or as little as you choose, working within technical, business and of course budgetary constraints as required.

Services we can offer include:

  • XHTML or HTML5 standards compliance for maximum browser compatibility
  • website restructuring for improved maintenance and navigation
  • improving accessibility for the visually impaired and other users with disabilities
  • table-to-CSS layout conversion
  • improving compatibility with the growing number of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • smartening up existing visual themes
  • adding editing facilities to pages
  • adding Google Maps, Google AdSense and similar functionality to pages
  • improving contact forms, including adding CAPTCHA-style verification
  • enhancing pages with the careful use of Flash, video etc

These are only examples of what's on offer, so if you need something done that's not on this list, please ask - we can probably help!

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