Examples of work

Here are just a few examples of websites and web applications we’ve worked on in recent times.


Goznet Systems has worked alongside the FreeBibleimages project since 2011. Publishing free-to-download imagery from illustrated and photographic interpretations of Bible stories, FreeBibleimages quickly realised they were going to need a lot more cleverness going on than their static prototype website could provide.

FreeBibleimages website

With almost 2000 sets of images across half a dozen languages at the last count, they made the right choice in coming to us for a fully bespoke solution. We have introduced all kinds of automation both to the public-facing website and back-end tools, with the most recent major update generating all download formats “on the fly” – including Apple Keynote which is generally considered impossible. Although produced using PHP and jQuery, the website links closely with Java and Python-based APIs for specialist tasks.

We also produced and maintain a suite of private web applications used especially by their teams of translators in producing content for their translated websites. Many of these translators are based overseas and with limited internet connectivity, so it is important that the web apps run smoothly on a wide range of devices and connection methods.

Top Dog Promotions

Top Dog Promotions were Goznet Systems’ first major clients when we launched in 2006, and have stayed with us since. Top Dog Promotions are one of the United Kingdom’s leading entertainment agents, promoting artistes from party bands to football freestylers as well as facilitating skills workshops.

Top Dog Promotions artists website

To effectively target their multi-faceted business, Top Dog Promotions operate several public websites, of which Goznet Systems is currently responsible for two – Top Dog Artists and Top Dog Workshops. These both started before mobile devices were really a thing, but thanks to the intentional simplicity of our designs we were able to quickly and cost-effectively rework them for mobile compatibility. These are content-managed sites, but the customer chooses that we manage them on their behalf based on their instructions.

We also operate a bespoke calendar web application to help their various artistes manage their bookings. Users have varying levels of access privilege, and the system can email or even text-message them with reminders about up-coming events.

Impulse Engineering

Goznet Systems has worked with Impulse Engineering since 2011. Their website, promoting fire and security systems and services, is a classic content-managed site that they ask us to perform updates upon periodically.

Impulse Engineering website

The most recent major overhaul was to make the website mobile-friendly throughout, reflecting the massive increase in usage of non-desktop devices even in the business-to-business world. There are a few more heavily customised elements, such as the pretty page titles with cross-fading images and their document downloads. The website is hosted on their own webserver, which presented a few initial technical challenges but we were able to work with them to iron out the wrinkles.

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